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The island of Pag offers an attractive destination for climbing enthusiasts. Highlights are above all the Beritnica beach and the Rucica beach. At Beritnica, nature has arranged three large rocks in the shallow sea – an unforgettable sight. Rucica beach on the north-western side of the Bay of Pag is also particularly inviting for climbing. There are special markings for sport climbing here. A popular destination for adventurers who want to enjoy an unforgettable sight.

At Beritnica – also called Desert Stone Beach – there is total tranquillity – no cafes, crowds or noise – a real anti-stress therapy and ideal for those who want to listen to the sound of the waves and adrenaline lovers who want to climb the rocks from the sea.

Fans of sport climbing on Pag can climb the steep part of the highest peak on the island Sv. Vision. 349 metres above sea level, which you can reach from three directions: from Šimun, Kolan and the shortest, but also the steepest road on the north side of Dubrava. Pag is our most developed island, but also the most barren, where you have to be prepared to walk without traces of shade.

In some areas of the island, the cliffs are highly elevated, vertical and of unusual shape due to the millennial exposure to the bora. If you decide to go on a climbing adventure, you will definitely enjoy the view at these places near Novalja!


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