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The island of Pag is one of the most popular summer destinations in Croatia. Pag is located in the northern part of the Adriatic coast  and is connected to the mainland with a bridge called “Paški most”.  Pag is the fifth largest Croatian island,  and also has the longest coast – 269.2 km. 

The first and biggest town while entering the island shares the same name – Pag. Pag is quite a calm and peaceful town with good shopping places and many restaurants. The town is very suitable for families who want to spend a wonderful summer vacation on this island. The second and much more famous place on the island is Novalja. Novalja is most famous for the party destination right next to the city – Zrce beach. 


When it comes to beaches, Pag is the island with the most sandy beaches in Croatia – more precisely 27 kilometers of beaches. Read about some of the most popular and beautiful beaches on Pag island:

Prosika Beach, Pag – the main beach of the town of Pag. The beach is a combination of little stones and sand. It is perfect for families with children because of many aditionals such as slides, pedal boats and playgrounds. Adults can rent a jet ski, play beach volleyball on the court nearby or drink a cold beer in a bar.

Čista Beach, Kolan – is located 5 kilometers from Novalja, right next to the Kolan. There is a big parking lot located next to the beach, in case you are visiting by car. There is a restaurant nearby where you can go for lunch or coffee, and you can also rent pedal boats.

Ručica Beach, Metajna – is like no others! Completely surrounded by untouched nature and with nothing nearby but a small cafe and fast food restaurant. Vegetation does not thrive on this beach which means you should bring an umbrella and sunscreen. The beach is not so popular with tourists so you can enjoy the peaceful environment.


There are two ways of coming to Pag island with a car. The first one is crossing the Pag’s bridge, and the second way to get to the island is by ferry. Driving by ferry is often a better choice, especially for visitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this is the fastest way in terms of travel distance. Nevertheless, in summer you should not underestimate the enormous rush of tourists at the ferry.


There are two ingredients that you have to try during your stay on Pag – cheese and lamb in a combination with a perfect taste of Dalmatian wine. Pag cheese, famous to be delightfully tasty, capturing the strong character of the dry winter wind, creamy yellowish Paski Sir produced on the Croatian island Pag has been described as one of the ten best cheeses in the world. If you are a gastronomy lover, a cheese and wine tour is made for you. Book your tasting tour with us and try some of the finest wines and cheese sortes in Croatia!


If you enjoy sunset views, Pag island is the location for you!

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